Calling UK from Mexico cheap

Found 27th Jun 2008
Going to Mexico for a week soon and need to keep in touch with the kids regularily, last year cost us a forturne using our O2 mobiles,is there a cheaper way?
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Buy a local pay as you go SIM out there (make sure your phone is unlocked first) then you are on their local network, then let your kids know what the new mobile number is.

Few other tips on here....
Saw it on GMTV the other morning

Have a nice holiday
Not taking the kids with you?? Right i'm phoning 'Childline' hahaha
Best and safe way is to buy a phone card from your hotel or a reputable shop - that way if it does not work you can take it back.

The hotel ones tend to work fine from the hotel lobby phones - as otherwise they would not be selling them as there would be too many complaints.

A lot cheaper than using a mobile phone.
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