Calling Virgin Mobile CONTRACT customers...

    I've been waiting since the start of June, when T-Mobile announced they were no longer going to include 07744/07755 numbers as part of inclusive minutes, for Virgin Mobile to do the same on their bundles/contract tariffs.

    But they haven't, there is zero change to their online CONTRACT T&C's, the only change is any 07744/55 calls previously made which showed up as costing £0.00 now just don't show up at all on the VM website "see my calls" and seem to have continued to be taken from VM inclusive minutes.

    I have two VM Contract phones in my name used by older relatives who call abroad alot using YourCallWorldm so this is a useful service for them so I'm waiting for VM to change all that and give me the headache of having to deal with that.

    So my question is to VM Contract customers, do you have same thing?
    Have you recieved any paper snail mail notification saying something has changed?
    Do 07744/55 calls show up on your "See my calls" or yourbills as inclusive or otherwise?

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