Calvin Klein/Pringle/Levis etc..- jockey boxer shorts

    As my fiance's principle is "you don't throw pants away, you hold them up the the window and gentle blow so they disintergrate back into the universe", I am taking matters into my own hands and throwing out all his old holey pants and buying new ones.

    Does anyone know of places to buy the above kinds of jockey boxer shorts at a nice cheap price - TK Maxx seems to be the best around me, but they are still £7-10 and ebay ones look a bit fake, or worn...or both LOL. I'm not too worried about make, just want the quality ones as opposed to Asda home brand, as they seem to last twice as long!


    Take a look on your local market stall - they have original Calvin Kleins here for £5 each (and they are not fakes either!!!).

    Other than that the only other place i know who seels them on the cheap is TJ Hughes (normally £10 for Calvin Kleins and around £6 for Pierre Cardin)

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    Thanks Chris, I'll root around. The only ones I've seen so far on the market have been quite fakish looking, but I will rekindle hope of genuine ones!

    i can get 3 pairs for £15 round ere as well i can buy them and post them if u like

    (sorry i wont wear them or stain them i do not take requests lol)

    La Redoute do a good range

    Kick Here

    Usually some of their low price sale boxers kick :roll: too.

    What about buying from somewhere like Figleaves online? there's vouchers for £10 off £30 i think in the vouchers list plus you can get 9% cashback from quidco.

    i think figleaves are more expensive to start with but maybe you can find some sale items too?

    so no 1 wanted my stained pants o i see lol

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    LOL Dub1
    Thanks for the offer (and the chuckle)...I'll have a look around here - we have 3 local markets that might have them, if not I'll be in touch.

    Thanks everyone else too - I'll start trawling through the websites and codes.
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