Posted 7th Dec 2022 (Posted 55 m ago)
Hi Guys, trying to find a way to keep my autistic daughter out of the kitchen cupboards as she's destroying everything.
Ive seen cupboards in schools and hospitals with cam locks fitted so guessing this would be the best lock to use and has the benefit of being cheap as we need to lock 20 cupboards.
just a little worried she will pull them hard enough to break them and then we have holes in all the cupboards and still no locking ability.
any ideas on a better locking system, also i really want them to have the same key, any idea if they usually all have individual key cuts if bought from the same seller, or do cheap locks like this generally all have the same key pattern ?
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    If they are sold as 'keyed alike', then when you buy a bunch of them at the same time, they should all use the same key.


    Supplied ready to fit with 2 keys. Buy as many as you like, and pay NO postage. All our stock is KEYED ALIKE so if you buy 3 lots, you get 6 keys ALL ALIKE. You can remove the key in either the locked or unlocked position. Cam turns to lock / unlock by a 90° turn. Ideal for kitchen cabinets to stop the snack bandit !! Or shops where you want to lock stock away from the public.

    Should be strong enough unless she's really going for it. The weak point will probably be the latch, so you will want to make sure you fit them securely with decent screws.

    Don't get the cheapest ones you can as the screw on the back that holds the cam in place to the lock is the weakest part and if the scrw/lock body are made of chinesian, that is where it will fail.
    Somehow I didn't see the keyed alike on the product I posted.
    This info is exactly what I needed, thank you
    I just realised the locks I've been looking at are not supplied with latches looking at the images, guess I'll have to find some of this too (edited)
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    Instead of keys, what about something like the magnetic ones? If she can't see a lock like you posted then maybe she won't know where to try and yank to break open. Also as these are just strong stick on, maybe they'll pull off before breaking the door?…c=1
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