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    Has anyone used the cambridge park and ride and if so was it a good experience as I have been hearing bad things about it on the net but hopefully it's a isolated incident.


    I use either the Babraham Road or Trumpington site almost every day without incident. I wouldn't call it a particularly 'good' experience, but it certainly does what I need it to.

    I used it on my last visit to Cambridge, seemed no worse than any other park and ride I've used.

    I use the Babraham Road one and never had any problems

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    Many thanks

    This morning, Babraham Road was more empty than usual (possibly due to school holidays) so I'd definitely call it a good one today.

    I'm curious; what are these horror stories that you've heard?

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    I saw this and I nearly didn't go but I did on Thursday and it was very good service in the end.

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    Insadentlly it was the madingley park and ride we used and there was assistance there to help
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