I dont necessarily want the cheapest, but the best value for money camcorder.

    I'd prefer widescreen recording, colour viewfinder, and DVD format but all of these are optional.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.



    I wouldn't go for DVD as editing MPEG2 is really painful (try to cut it exactly where you want it, unless it is I-frames only) and quality will suffer. Rather than MPEG2 I would opt for optical stabilizer...
    Anyway, there are following cameras that answer all your requirements:
    Sony DCR-DVD202/203
    Canon DC10
    Canon DC20

    Which one of these you want?

    Original Poster

    I wouldn't go for DVD as editing MPEG2 is really painful

    Really? I was told that DVD makes it easier which is why I wanted to go for those, as I will want to do editing via my pc.

    As I said - try to cut it exactly where you need it. Also, if you crop it or applying some filters, then you will need to re-encode affected frames. As a rule, no re-encoding adds quality.
    I prefer to edit DV stream as there is no frame dependancy (it is pretty much like MJPEG). And no MPEG re-encoding is needed.

    UPD: Do not take my words for granted. Grab some sort of MPEG2 stream (DVD could be a good start) and edit it, simulating operations you are likely to apply to your home video.
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