Hi looking to buy a camcorder for my hols,can anyone recommend one for a budget of £300.Thanks


    This one doesn't look bad - half price at currys:

    [color=blue]Canon MV901 @[/color]

    Use promo code CURRYS1506 for a further £15 off.

    [size=6]Price: £209.89[/size]

    [list][*] 2.7 inches LCD Screen
    [*] 25x Optical Zoom
    [*] 800x Digital Zoom
    [*] Compact and lightweight design
    [*] Electronic Image stabiliser
    [*] DV output terminal
    [*] Digital effects
    [*] Colour Viewfinder
    [*] Programme AE modes
    [*] Wide Mode[/list]

    Although there are an awful lot to choose from on the web.

    MiniDV will cease to exist soon and is replaced by DVD camcorder. The cheapest DVD Camcorder is £259.99 delivered from Jessops and further cashback by going through QUIDCO

    If one still prefers a miniDV tape Camcorder (as the one emma has described above), then it can be grabbed as cheap as £159.99 delivered from ebuyer

    I see what you mean about the DVD camcorder, but even these will soon be replaced by the new versions of DVD or blu-ray. It's constantly changing and so hard to keep up...

    Yeah, that's true emma :wink:
    My suggestion is for today and not for tomorrow
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