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    Hi, Wondered if any one know's of any camcorder deals, want one that records straight to dvd. Perfer to buy on line but i'm in the Birmingham area if there are any store deals.

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    I have found this looks good to me (it's @ the right price )but i don't know anything about these, anyone know if this is an ok camcorder?? I want to use it to collect loads of family footage and pass it around via email and dvd. We have resently lost too young members of our family, which made me think about collecting footage, but i want it to be just right and i'm stuck at a buget of about 250.00 @ the most

    I would be careful using Pixmania. They don't say but some of their items come from France so you may find you have a French manual/instructions and a UK power supply adaptor.

    For the £250 budget you basically have the choice of mini-dv or DVD formats although argos are doing a hard disk drive one for £250…htm
    If you are getting a DVD camcorder -check the size of the DVD - some of them use mini-dvd disks. I've seen comments on the AV forums that mini-dv gives better performance compared to the budget DVD ones

    I've just bought a camcorder a few weeks ago. I wanted a cheap one but decent make so went for a mini-dv one and I'll transfer onto computer and produce the DVD from that.

    IMO the best deal for mini-dv (UNTIL MONDAY 7TH MAY) is this one…043

    If I hadn't already bought one then I would have bought this. The free bag and spare battery are worth £60 and the camera is already competitively priced.

    *Looks Up*

    Completely agree - the Sony's are great camcorders and it's a great offer (although the bag isnt that great, it is free though) and genuine Sony parts not generic kit.
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