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    My wife and I are looking to purchase a camcorder. I would prefer a Hard Drive one since I feel it would be easier to get the videos onto the PC for editing. Our budget however is around the £200 mark. I just noticed the one thats went back up to £350 so kicking myself a little there.

    Could someone please recommend a model or give some advice please as I have never owned a camcorder before.


    I've owned a couple of camcorders that used 8mm tapes. They were OK, but fiddly to transfer onto a PC or DVD, and the quality was OK but not terrific.

    My latest camcorder has a hard drive & is much easier to use, and it's smaller than my previous camcorders so nicer to hold/carry. The quality is much better as well.

    The thing to remember is the size of the hard drive as this will affect available recording time. Mine has 30gb which was plenty enough for a 2 weeks' holiday.

    Sorry, but I don't know the model/make as it's at home & I'm not.

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    Thanks, I guess I will have to take a trip to the local Currys and see what they got.

    i used to have a mini dv camcorder. it used cassettes but were digital so gave a really good picture. when connected to a pc via firewire (on vista) the pc recognised it straight away and prompted to transfer the tape automatically using windows. you can then edit and stuff using windows movie maker which i found to be pretty good! extremely easy to use.
    just saying that you dont need to spend a lot of money as mini dv camcorders are pretty cheap nowadays anyway. i suppose it depends how often you would be using the camcorder anyway

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    I hope to be getting good use of it, got a 2 y.o and 2 weeks before second arrives so lots of opportunities to come.

    Im gonna pop in by the local Comet tonight to see if they have anything decent and talk to them.

    Thanks again.
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