Camcorder help - how can i get video off a Hi8 tape?..

    wonder if anyone can help with this.. ive got an old video camera - which uses hi8 tapes.
    Id like to take the footage off of these - put them onto DVDs maybe.. I do have a dvd burner, but at the rate it burns - i dont think id get much onto 1 dvd.
    So ideally id like to move the video onto my laptop... laptop has an S video port.. dont know if i could use that...
    Do i need a specific video card / program to be able to do this?..
    ive had a fiddle with it, using a free video in program i downloaded, but i cant get it to work..
    thanks for any help


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    when i say dvd burner - i mean a standalone unit plugged into my tv

    Something like this ought to do the job.…gle

    Alternatively, you may be able to record straight from camcorder to DVD player using the right cables. This depends what output you have on the camcorder and input on the DVD player.

    On an old camcorder, I would have thought something like this would do the job…572

    above will be best approach but otherwise
    won't be easy with a laptop the reason being you need
    1. a video capture device(hardware encoding is best but more expensive) software based one will prob not work too well on a lappy, the hdd is usually not fast enough
    2 time and patience

    if you have a dvd recorder plug it in to that and adjust the dvd to 8 hours and press play on hi8 then record on dvd thats how i do it bit long winded but free if you have the above using rca cables

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    thanks for all the help - will look into all of them

    Almost all cheap capture devices give horrendous results (I've tried several), if you want anything halfway decent then you would need to splash out on one of these:

    ]Canopus ADVC110
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