Camcorder quandry....

    There are so many different formats,brands and styles of camcorder around at the moment (and so many deals posted on HUKD) I dont have a clue where to start..... All I'm after is a nice small one,with an lcd viewfinder.
    Dont know if they make camcorders that accept full sized DVDs, but if they do,thats probably what I'd go for.

    Over to you people.....thanks in advance.M.B.C:thumbsup:


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    Can anyone help please ?


    The dvd camcorders tend to be on the smaller 1gb discs, they will play on most dvd players (have a look to see if your dvd player has a inner circle in the tray). I have to say for the cost of the discs and for the fact the technology is soon to become out of date. I would highly recommend against a dvd recorder and go for a hard disc recorder. These plug directly into your dvd recorder or HDD recorder and record directly to them.

    I'm not sure I quite agree with Mr Scorpion re hdd camcorders. Personally, I'd probably go for an SD card camcorder (esp with sd cards being so cheap). The downside to hdd is you have all your eggs in one basket so to speak - if the hd fails you lose all your saved footage. At least, with a flash based camcorder you can recover the card.

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    Thanks guys......could either of you recommend any examples of the said machines that currently have deals against them ? :thumbsup:

    I like the Samsung flash camcorders - the MX10 is standard definition and the HMX10 is high def (720p).

    You should be able to get the MX10 for around £150 delivered and the HMX10 for around £400 delivered although I havent looked for specific deals.

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    Thanks again !:thumbsup:

    Agree SD card the way forward.

    If you have the money and want HD quality this was posted recently and is a very good buy.…KMC

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    Thanks Bertt, its a little pricey for what I want it for..... looking to spend no more than £200.....

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