Camcorders ------ DV v Digital - Which is best ?

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Found 26th Feb 2006
Does anyone have knowledge of the DV and a Digital camcorder ?

I have a camcorder that takes the mini DV tapes and its great apart from the fact that I have to flaff about getting the movie from the tape to the PC, which I find a time consuming nightmare.

I know nothing about digital camcorders, but assume that they capture video clips to a SD card and you can then just pop the SD card into your card reader slot on your PC and the jobs done ?!?!

Any views would be appreciated, thanks a million.



You can get a few different versions -
1 - DVD - records direct onto DVD-R's
2 - HDR - Records direct onto a built in HDD

I guess for your situation it would be easier to get the DVD type as theres no transfer time involved with hgetting it onto your PC or TV to play it, as the second type would still need to be transferred to your PC.
Hope this helps in some small way!

A couple of (not very detailed) thoughts...

1. DV (sort of MJPEG).
Pros: Easy to edit, excellent quality, no interframe dependancy. Best quality.
Cons: Needs to be encoded into MPEG2 (DVD, for example) or MPEG4 (like Divx) to be playable on DVD players. Slow and painful process.

2. DVD-based.
Pros: Easy to handle and play back.
Cons: Difficult to edit (that's MPEG2), re-encoding makes quality worse. Only 20 minutes of video (HQ) per disc.

3. SD (or other card) based.
Pros: Makes camera small (that's the only one I can think of).
Cons: no many cameras can capture [email protected] Compression artefacts, difficult to edit, picture quality in many cases isn't even 'good'. Normally these cameras have horrible plastic optics.

I know that there are also HD cameras but I am not sure about these, so can't really comment.

Original Poster

I honestly thought you could buy a camcorder that took SD cards that would give quality just as good as my DV camcorder, I appreciate your posts - I won't make such a muppet of myself in Jessops now !

Thank you

I won't make such a muppet of myself in Jessops now !

Just goes to show, you don't Kermit yourself to any deal before visiting here :roll:
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