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Found 4th Aug 2006
I am soooo confused. Looking to replace a 10 year old VHS C camcorder but have spent hours reading reviews and searching for the best deals.
If anyone can recomend the best format and a good model preferably from personal experience I'd be really grateful. Not looking for pro quality but obviously the best available would be nice. Looking to spend up to about £400 ish but ideally as little as possible. Thanks in advance
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mate, you have just entered a mine field lol

most people recommend miniDV format, you can easily edit the tape via your computer wih a firewire cable and make dvds out of the footage.

as for models have a look here: cameras2u.com/pro…171
edit: you will find that Dixons online with price match cameras2u so dixons prices will be a bit cheaper, worth having a look at [url]www.pricerunner.co.uk[/url] aswell to compare prices.

for more info and reviews have a look here: camcorderinfo.com/rat…php

also for info check out: avforums.com/for…=61

on a side note, i have just purchased a Panasonic GS180, looked decent on paper, im jst waiting for some miniDV tapes so i can use the damn thing lol!

good luck mate
OOOOoorrrrr you can just go here : > hotukdeals.com/for…eal

this thread was made up from the supremo finder ttpe dude called Edi lol
Just gone through the same thing homerhassall, reviews galore lol. Does your head in eventually. All the people i spoke to in shops said get a Sony. I just bought a Sony HC44 mnini dv and it's great. Simple to use and the picture quality is excellent. Around the £280 mark. Got mine from amazon, hope that helps.
I'd highly recommend Sony as well. Maybe that will narrow down your choices a bit.
I'd rather go for Panasonic but that's my personal view
Thanks guys really appreciate the input. As bigup says this really is a minefield. Sony quoted looks quite good and worth a second look. Anyone else with first hand experience of a recomended model would be most welcome. Thanks again.

I bought a JVC GZ MC500 recently. It uses removable 4GB CF/ Microdrive cards for storage so its really small. Takes great quality video and photos. The new model the MC505 is out now, which has a built in 1.8 inch 30GB HD. Digital storage is really the best option for a camcorder imo.
Both these models won awards in 2005-2006.
Not cheap but not much over your £400 limit.
Finished up ordering a Sony HC35. £213 inc delivery from Comet on line.
Seems like a reasonable sum for a nice new camcorder which from all my enquiries seems to have had many good write ups. Should be here Friday fingers crossed. Thanks for any input
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