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wondering if anyone can help or give advise please, we have a one year old and want to take pictures - however he moves so quick so when we take pictures they are blurry and camera can take a second or two to process the pictures.
so looking for a camera that takes almost stright away and will not be blurred If he moves?
thanks in advance
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Video your child with the camera and play back and pause it on your PC then either screen grab or print screen the best images
caverncity28 m ago

Video your child with the camera and play back and pause it on your PC …Video your child with the camera and play back and pause it on your PC then either screen grab or print screen the best images

The still image quality is likely to be garbage, unless you're shooting 4k video with lots of light.

Whatever camera or phone you're using now.
Try increasing the ISO and the shutter speed. This will probably mean putting it into Manual mode.
Also taking photos where there's lots of light will help the camera.
Another thing to try is to take multiple photos at the same time, instead of single shots.
If it's digital what's stopping you taking loads of pictures.? Professionals maybe use 1 in 100 pictures.
Nothing wrong with videoing and printing out a 6x4 image too. Nothing better than a printed picture to go through with the family, it doesn't have to be professional gear. Mobiles take perfectly good pics to print out.
There was a deal recently for a course on photography.....give me 5 mins and I’ll see what I can find...
As you will be taking mainly indoor photos consider getting a minimum f/2.0 lens camera.
Burst mode on smartphone or camera will take loads of consecutive shots however... Low light photography causes blur. Bigger lens let's in more light and smartphone lens is tiny. More light will help though.. Turn on the lights
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For quick photo shooting, you need an SLR. Nothing else starts up as quickly, or has so fast a shutter response, which is what enables you to capture what you want, not what happens 3 seconds later. SLRs also have far better light sensitivity, faster focusing, and more responsive flashes.

As a starting point, look to a used Canon 550D with a Canon 50mm lens. This should cost around £200. The more money you can put into it, the better your images and the faster your camera will be.
You could try holding the baby still using duct tape.
100s of second cameras of ebay almost new, find one with in body stablization or in lens at least. Get cheap tripod, try to avoid zooming in. Use auto or a fast speed in bright light.
Just bare in mind that its not all about megapixels!!
What smart phone do you use? This could be something simple to achieve from your phone.

A lot of newer models are coming with "pro mode" which lets you tinker the iso and shutter speed rates. It'll overwrite what the phone thinks it should use.

If you're wanting to go into an actual camera, you can get anything from a compact camera, mirrorless camera up to an SLR.
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