Camera advice needed please ! ! !

    Hi gys - I'm considering purchasing a camera and I have two options. The first is a new Nikon D40 @ around the £245 mark but I've also been offered a pre-owned Nikon D50 with the 18 - 55mm lens, battery grip, 2gb memory card and field guide book for £230.

    Which one should I go for ??



    The D50 offers one big advantage, it has a motor built into the body which means you have a wider range of lenses you can use. The lenses without their own motors built in are generally a little cheaper so if you were hoping to build up a few lenses this may be a slightly cheaper option. The D40 will require you buy lenses that have a motor built in. Of course there are loads of lenses available secondhand.

    Disadvantage of the D50 is secondhand, used, no guarantee, unknown life expectancy although they are well built, possibly dirty sensor. The extras are useful, not sure if a battery grip is useful for everyone, but may include a spare battery.

    The D40 will be new and warrantied, slightly modernised menu and image processing, warrantied, likely to have the Mk2 version of the 18-55 lens, but will require some more spending, memory card, filter to protect the lens etc.

    You'll have to consider what is important to you.

    Is the D50 from a friend or camera shop? Is there any chance you can do a test picture for dust on the sensor? If so, this might help:…tml

    As BlackCloud says, the D50 gives you a far bigger range of lenses to choose between but there is no guarantee of a good, relatively dust-free sensor. A cheap 2GB memory card can be had for under £5 from and a good fast one for under £10.
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