Camera Batterys Problem (Samsung Digimax A7)

    Hia all, I have a Samsung Digimax A7, however it appears to have developed a fault.

    It uses AA batteries but as soon as you put new batteries in the camera is out of battery within virtually a few minutes.

    Anybody know whats wrong with it? Is it worth much on these forums?


    :):thumbsup:I had this problem with my camera until I started using rechargeable batteries, it has done the trick, definately worth a try

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    Problem is I did use rechargeables - well up until I lost them, they were Uniross 2300mah's so they were hardly cheapo ones lol, the problem is that it was happening with the rechargeables as well - they were slightly better I guess but still the batteries weren't lasting.

    Check the battery contacts on the camera are clean!!! You would be suprised what this can do!

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    Thanks harlzter, think that fixed it.



    Thanks harlzter, think that fixed it.Tim

    usually the case! Ive had the same probs with the kids toys as well as cameras! So simple yet so effective!
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