camera case for olympus is 500

    hi, i have searched on google and i cant find any can any one help?:geek:


    I dont know if this is any help :

    cheapest there is £1.99 plus p+p

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    i dont buy from ebay so any shops or online shops?

    Sorry anna, we don't allow links to ebay sellers or sales, so I edited your post.


    Oh sorry

    I didnt know that, is there any others i should know about?


    Oh sorry I didnt know that, is there any others i should know about?

    If you break them, I'll tell ya :-D

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    does any one no where i can get it from as i need it urgently!!

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    guys i stil havent found a case so can any one help?

    Only other thing i could suggest is a bum bag :P

    Or maybe get a friend or someone else to buy one from ebay for you?

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    this is the first camera that i cant find a case for i cant belive it i thought it was just me. lol. no but serously i really need the case, is there sum kind of universal case whihc can fit my camera

    IF you have a tescos i know for a fact they sell universal camera cases ive seen myself, some for as little as £1!

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    do they have them online as then saves a trip going there to chek?

    I dont know, youll have to have a look

    Went to asda today, and there selling universal camera case's for £1, i bought one just to put my purse mobile and keys in as it also has a shoulder strap

    Hi again, been to tesco's today, they sell a really smart camera case (no strap or anything) in a silver finish, nice little case, think its a solid one, or very padded so it doesnt get broke, again universal, and again a pound

    If i had your say so id have got you one and sent it on to you
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