Camera Film 400 ASA. Any ideas?

Found 29th Dec 2009
Going away in a month and have got an underwater camera that I need some 400 asa film for, anyone any idea's as to where i can ourchase some from thats reasonably priced. or maybe you have a roll?

I know film camera's seem a bit arcaic now but can't afford an underwater digital! Well not and afford a holiday to ue it on! LOL

Thanks for all replies in advance.
Happy 2010 to all
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I used a couple of these, just take them into your local shop, or send off to truprint for processing, can get them printed as digital at most processers :thumbsup:…ell$s=400%20asa%20film
Stick with the best film you can afford; after all the price of the film is far less than the price of your trip away

... and you'll not be able to try again if the film prooves faulty or not up to standard

Stick with Kodak

I used to use Kick own brand film, but not sure if it's still available
i bought 5 rolls of film from Boots few months ago. I assume that boots stuffs good quality and they cost 7.50 pretty sure theyre 400asa

I got 2 rolls of truprint 24 x 400 iso you can have for postage?not sure … I got 2 rolls of truprint 24 x 400 iso you can have for postage?not sure if they're any good mind as they're years old!

Willing to take the risk, can you message me?

Sorry newbie!

But this is fairly … But this is fairly cheap

Thanks got a 5 roll offer there thats not a bad price.
Have you used an underwater camera before and how experienced a diver are you? The reason I ask is unless you are very good at maintaining neutral buoyancy you will find taking underwater pictures a lot harder than you think. So you dont have bubbles passing in front of the camera as you shoot, you will tend to hold your breath and this will greatly affect your buoyancy. Plus, if you spot things you want to shoot below you, it is very easy to ignore your depth gauge and go beyond your limits.
Nope have only snorkelled once, earlier this year in Grenada, but will only be going just to standing de[th as I'm not the worlds best swimmer! But appreciate your advice.

Just got myself a cheap reusable underwater camera, because I want to see how they come out and to prove to my firends that I did it!!!!!

I'm an experienced dry land photographer, but appreciate this will be a totally different experience. I usually use medium format film (or digital of course), but its way to expensive for just having fun. LOL

Any tips gratefully recieved.
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