camera for £130 delivered?

    the best camera for £130 delivered is..... ?
    I'm looking for something with image stabilizer
    I'm not good in this domain so I don't know what to look for...


    I think taking pictures when sober is the answer to image stability....but seriously I have not seen anything with that feature other than expensive cameras.

    Good luck with your thread.

    The Pentax Optio S6 always gets brill reviews I think. Cheap at savastore if a few quid over your budget - ]http//ww…279

    Dunno about the image stability options. I know some cameras probably have a big logo with some "feature" about this on the side of the box but its mostly balls. As long as you have a decent camera like this, that's capable of a fast shutter speed, you shouldn't get any blurred pictures. They all have sports modes anyway that auto adjust these settings for you if you have a shaky hand or take pics of fast moving objects. :-D

    Before you purchase it's prudent to check the review at [url][/url]

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    thanks stanglish
    I'll read some reviews

    Yep, its wise to google the model name with review after it. Normally brings up a page from [url][/url] with a good review and sample pictures the camera has taken.

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    this camera doesn't look good...
    I'll look more

    The cheapest camera I know of that has optical image stabilization is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS2. It's available from Jessops for £99.99. There's also a 10% off discount code bringing the price down to £89.99. If you use Quidco then there's a further 3% discount available. I'm suprised nobody has thought of this one considering the discount code is HOTUKDEALS

    It's a shame that your request wasn't a couple of weeks ago because Jessops had this camera for £10 less.

    A review of the camera can be found here: ]http//ww…tml my personal favourite camera review website. Best of all, there are real-world sample photos on the last page of all reviews there.

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    nice one bingsy and very good price

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    I'm back to buy one camera for under £130 delivered... £150 incl 2gb SD card delivered (I can buy the card from for under £20 delivered)

    Still no better options than you got last month ]here eh steff?

    I shall watch this thread with interest. I'm in the market for a new camera myself now.

    As a matter of interest steffcip ..did you purchase the Panasonic model??..if so is it any good?

    There doesn't seem to be any recent postings for digital cameras in the £130 price a recent Computer Shopper test the Sony DSC-W30 came out best in that price range...the Casio EX-Z60 also had a good review and I bought it for my daughter because it is very compact and has an excellent video mode..something she required.

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    yes I bought the panasonic camera for £90 from jessops... my cousin (for whom I bought it) is happy with the camera
    I want to buy another one for a friend of him...
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