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Found 19th Sep 2006
hi, guys i dont no much about cameras my teacher has asked me to get a slr camera as i have just started year 12 i dont want to spend alot so can you please adivise me on which camera i should go for, and also my teacher has asked the camera must be a auto focus one and has the feature that you can take the flash off or on, you can currently buy one from my school for about £80 not the best but very cheap.:geek:

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Do you mean an SLR with a flash unit that's seperate to the camera or one that has an on/off button on the camera?

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da one dat has ON OR OFF BUTTON and yeh its SLR

Canon eos 30, either the older or updated model is a brilliant film SLR. Should be able to pick up one on that e*** site or your local camera store second hand. It has a popup flash on the camera, but you can disable the use of the flash in non-auto modes.

You will also need a lens, the cheapest ones will be the 28-80 and the 28-90 ones. You dont need the USM (a motor in the lens to make it focus quicker and quiter) versions for what your doing unless these ones are in your price range.

Regarding the flash they are probably referring to the the 'hotshoe' flash adapter on top of the camera. Pretty much every SLR as this on the top. So dont worry about this. An external flash unit just locks in on top for extra flash range etc.

All in, you should be able to get a nice EOS 30 SLR + lens and maybe some filters for under £80 easy.

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great but can you tell me the site as its not visible

I think sbear means eBay.Co.UK

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i hate that name ebay, to many scams and to many dodgy sellers. is there a proper retailer which would have that???? or any other camera which meets my requirement

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are there any cameras becasuse i really need this urgently

]THIS Canon 3000V SLR? £132

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£78 in skool for a diff camera

It would help if you gave a budget!

I just bought a Canon EOS 350D digital. Is a fantastic Camera - cost about £370 at the time thanks to this site.

I do still however have a Canon 1000FN Film Camera which is in fantastic condition.
Went to sell it on ebay and found they are going for about £30 - Cost me £300 at the time.

Would rather it stayed with me gathering dust.

If it is a film camera you are after, my advice is to chase one of these up on ebay with a lense. The lenses are compatible with the new digital cameras from Canon.
and are very easy to use and give you a good grasp of the basics.

Chances are, as it was expensive at the time, it will probably be in mint condition.

For £30 or so, you can not go wrong.

Going by the original post, I think the budget is less than £80 scrooge As that's the amount the school have them on offer for.

I don't think you'll find better than that sarbjeet_. What's the brand and model of the one in school?

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its a brand i never heard of i no im not being precise buts its somthing vis.... or v something. lol

Vivitar maybe?

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yeh thats the one


£78 in skool for a diff camera

Then why not get the one from school? I doubt you'd get any kind of remotely decent SLR for less than that anyway.

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beacuse it takes 4 weeks to arrive, and i thought maybe i could get one for the same price or slightly higher maybe £100

Id happily sell you my Minolta X-300 its an SLR for £35 inc delivery. Otherwise i think ill stick it on ebay. I studied degree level photography with it - has all the manual controls I think youll need. Good condition, no marks on the lense but it is second hand Comes with manual and 3rd party case.

Reviews - ]http//ww…792

Photo of it here - http://www.russdavey.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/minolta.jpg

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thanks but, my teacher advised me to get a brand new one.

Thats okay, this is an oldie - but a film trusted camera. Its difficult on a budget, epsecially as the Canons are so much dearer. If i had the money the EOS look amazing


Now on ebay. Good luck with your search sarbjeet_ I hope you find a decent new camera in your budget.

eBay links aren't allowed in the forum, so I've put your user name in instead...

Oh sorry!!! Cant believe I forgot that one!! Doh! Thanks for changing my post rayman!

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any people no where i can get a decent camera like the one in my skool for same price or slightly higher or a diff brand i dnt mind????


1. The one your school has probably isn't bad. Even if it doesnt look like much... it probably is fine

2. Is the school's one a Pentax? They look very "crap" but in fact are very good, especially for beginners!

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No Its Vivatar And Currently It Will Take 4 Weeks To Arrive And I Need It Now So Thats Why I Was Hoping Ot Get One
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