Found 10th Oct 2016
Hi guys,

Just after some advice please.

I'm looking to get a camera just to take the odd photograph so nothing complex.

I want 1 good enough to be able to take pics that i could blow up onto canvas if i want.

Unfortunately i know nothing about cameras so would love some advice please.

Ideally nothing too expensive as my girlfriend wants to get it for my birthday i think.

Thanks in advance.

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What phone do you currently have? Just asking for a point of reference in terms of what you can use just now vs what you could get.

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I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
While this is good, it really struggles when i zoom in on things, or shoot from a distance.

Would you be talking lots of photos indoors or in low light? If so, consider getting a camera with f2 lenses or better. What is your budget as there is a huge amount of choice?

need to state your budget

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Well not much really as my girlfriend is buying it.
As i said i have no idea about cameras.
Would £150 get much?
I don't mind 2nd hand i guess..

IMO the camera on your phone is going to be much better than cameras in that range, and I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile getting a stand-alone for much more than your current price range if it's just for the odd photo.

1. One of those telescopic lenses for your phone
2. Gorillapod or similar to open up a better variety of shots - eg. portrait photos, long exposures, group shots…htm I think if you want a reasonable camera this is a good deal, the next major step up is Nikon D5200 at £350 from same shop. There are 1" sensor cameras now giving very good results but the are prob more expensive than the DSLR I mentioned. The Nikon is a starting point of a system which needs to be built up The Canons image quality wont be as good but still far better than any phone and it is a do it all in one package camera. The main criteria for IQ is sensor size plus No of pixels but too many pixels on a small sensor can have a detrimental effect, and of course the quality of the lens. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated

Ok so what you need to look for is a camera that takes RAW images. It need not be expensive and it need not be mega pixel or the like. I can think of a second hand camera now that would be idea and you should get it on ebay for maybe £20. The one I'm thinking of the CANON POWERSHOT G2 . Yes it's maybe 5 or even 10 years out of date but beleive me it will do all you want and more. It's just an example, the are so many great cameras out there.
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