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    My daughter has asked for a camera for xmas. She's only 12 so I'm not looking to spend a fortune....£150 max.
    She's just got into photography so obviously will be using it for pictures but also wants to make videos on it. I'm have no interest in cameras so have no idea what to get so any help would be appreciated.


    It is July not December

    panasonic is a good make. you could buy a second hand one from gumtree.

    Depends on what your daughter likes to photograph

    In general if nature/animals where distance (getting closer to the subject will be an issue) look for greater optical zoom rather than digital zoom
    Not sure these days but watch out /stay away from for the phrase interpolated/interpolation - this is where the digital image in enhanced by tweaking the pixels

    Sony wx350. Great and very compact. Top Sony quality. Easy to use.
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    go for a sony hx50 or hx60...I got my hx60 from ebay for £130....was only 3 months old ad in perfect condition. Really goot camera....great zoom, manual control and feature set..... :O)

    Technology moves quickly price wise and feature wise, I wouldn't buy anything before mid November if it's for Christmas.


    It is July not December

    Top award for obvious statement of the day!

    Clearly the OP is planning ahead.

    Consider 2nd hand, as you can get decent quality cameras for a considerable discount.

    I'd consider CEX, providing they give a decent warranty.

    First thing take her to somewhere that sells cameras Jessops or the like and get her to handle different types to see how the hold is for her, then once you have an idea on that shop around. The panasonic and olympus compact system cameras are very good and would give the option of adding lenses, or Panasonic Compact cameras are highly rated too

    You cant really go wrong with olympus camera's though some Sony ones aren't too bad as well

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    puddles999916th Jul

    It is July not December

    I have a calendar thanks!! Unfortunately what I don't have is a job that pays mega wages and therefore I have to think in advance so it doesn't hit the pocket so hard but I appreciate your comment 🙈

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. Will definitely take her to the store to try some out and see what she prefers. Appreciate all your help x
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