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Found 20th Jun 2008
can anyone help advise me on the best camera for 100 pounds please?

id like it to be able to shoot reasonable quality movies as well as pictures, but id like to know what kinda of camera is best for this kind of thing, as i dont want to get a camcorder.

i dont mind paying 20 pound ontop for a larger memory card so i could increase the size of the movies

ive been recommended this camera:Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 10.1mp 3x Optical Zoom which is going for £117+£10 for memory card....can anyone advise if this is a good option and worth £125ish??

anything else i should consider for that price range??

im a novice user, so id like it to be easy to use for myself and parents etc, although it doesnt have to be idiot proof!! lol

thanks for all you help in advance



May be a wee bit above budget but great specs!


Its baby brother fits into budget, free delivery, £98.74 leaving room for a nice juicy memory card!

Hope this helps

i helped someone on this thread only yesterday


The casio you suggest is a fantastic camera, thou i would advise anything from the canon ixus range! The ixus 75 is a very good all rounder

PS - loads of people on here have had problems with ebuyer's customer service.......imo i would never shop there!

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thanks guys

pasty i had a look at the other thread....

i dont really buy online so i need help fidning the rite site to purchase from, if ebuyer are no good, then who should i trust?

can u recommend a site were i can find a camera from the cannon ixus range, with a decent sized memory card?

is the camera Fuji Finepix S1000fd for £135 a good camera? as suggested by mbgringo? (although its also from ebuyer!)

or maybe even a better place to buy the casio from?


Ebuyer have always been fine with me, its a matter of opinion and of experience and all of my friends and colleagues have had zero problems.

Bought 20+ times personally and no issues whatsoever, always go for their "super saver" delivery which is upto 5 working days, never had to wait beyond 3!

The £135 Fuji is great, 10mp and 12x optical zoom, compatible with XD, SD and SDHC memory cards, add the following - ebuyer.com/pro…284 - for just shy of £18 and you won't go too far wrong!

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thanks mbgringo

are u the same guy thats been helping on moneysaving expert on the betting forum too?! lol

small world mate!!


so that wud make it £150 with 8gb memory card....

£50 over budget, but i dont mind as long as i know im getting a great camera for my money?

do you own this camera yourself? whats the movie mode like? i have a family wedding coming up so i really want to take a few good quality short movies?


Hello again

Don't own it myself, just like the specs for the money, google it and the reviews are quite good (when it was £200ish) now ith under £140 seems a bit of a deal!

Movie quality seems ok, 640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames/sec - on the 8gb card you should get upto an hours worth of video, give or take.

Its really upto you, its well specced but there are easier cameras to use (a few settings options on the fuji) out of the box i suppose . . . . . .

Review wise, the baby brother i linked to (sub £100) got better reviews!!!!


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thanks mbgringo

its so hard to decided, its a very opinianted topic, some say this others disagree...

if its only shooting in standrd 640x480 then isnt it the same as any camera in terms of movies?

the stills dont matter to me, they all look the same, im not going to sit there and look for shading, jagged adges etc...

i just want a camera that can do both fairly well...

i think il give the £135 a miss based on the above facts, and maybe il look at the baby brother

really tough decision without actually seeing the quality!

thanks for your input and advice so far

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just want to give this a little bump up, in case there are any camera experts on tonight??! lol

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and again lol

really need help!!


Get this ordered, think it records video in hd (1280 x 720 @ 30fps), 12mp, 5x zoom and £65!!

I would definitely not go for the Kodak recommended above. What's the point of 12 MP if the file is then compressed so much that detail is lost and artefacts introduced? Far better to go with your original plan to get the Casio EX-Z1080, which can now be had for £100 delivered here hotukdeals.com/ite…-d/

Or, save £40 in exchange for a lower-res screen , slightly fewer pixels and poorer low-light capability with the EX-Z8 here hotukdeals.com/ite…3x/
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