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    I am wanting to get into photography, i like photoshop and have been doing it for several years now, i want to branch out into photographyy but am unsure what camera to buy, i am stuck betwen getting a d90 nikon new with lens from the shop or wait for a second hand eos 7d from the likes of fleabay, does it really come down to the camera that much? any sudgestions or help really appreciated, am i ompletley barking up the wrong tree? ha!!


    The camera is important but aesthetic decision making is so much more important, I think you would be better off buying something simple before going off the deep end regarding the technical aspects of photography. Ken Rockwell for example is big spokesman for using point and shoot to capture stunning images. I thus suggest investing more energy in your choice of lenses, and then working backward from that. For example, in my opinion the Nikkor f1.2 50mm produces astounding images with lush near spherical bokeh, so I would be asking what cameras will take this lens. Note the Nikkor costs up to £400 used, but google images to see why is worth it...

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    i think that answers my question, thnks jamesmith, i am going to go for the d90 and buy the lense later when i can afford it and i will appreciate it more after some tinkering ha!!
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