Found 18th Aug 2009
I have a digital camera, and have taken about 120 odd pictures with it. The camera got wet as a big splash of water got on it at a water theme park, and now it shows on the screen "card error" everytime i go to view the pictures.

Whenever I connect the camera to the comp it shows up as a removable disk but when I go to click it, it says thers nothing in there.

Is there anyway i can get the photos back? or have they now been lost??


Try putting the memory card in a memory card reader, seems the camera is broke but the card could still possibly work!

or some recovery software such as photorescue

IF your pics were taken and stored on your card before the water incident then in theory they should still be on the card unless the water shorted your card out.
I had a problem recently when my camera or pc would not see the card, I have 3 other pc's, and it worked on one of them. I sent it back to the supplier who replaced it so I am not sure what the prob was with mine. You might also bare in mind you can get a prog which will retrieve deleted things off a memory card, don't dispair yet.

If you can get the images off the memory card using a card reader, reformat the card & see if it will then work in the camera.

Try the card in another camera, we had a problem getting photos from dads camera but worked fine when I put the card into my camera
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