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Suspect not, but you will need to compare the parts that make up the camera. I always suggest looking for second hand, load of bargain cameras with boxes only used for one expensive holiday or some project. Always check the images well for signs of use.
Any particular reason why you'd want a 5d2? It's getting to be an old camera now (not helped by the fact that Canon sensors are years behind the competition at the best of times), and while your 50mm will still work, it'll do so with different optical characteristics (inherent in the change from APS-C to FF sensor sizes), the 18-55mm will not.

You might be better sticking with the APS-C lineup, or taking the opportunity to jump ship altogether. Nikon's bodies are a mark above the equivalent Canon, and there are some very interesting things happening in the mirrorless world these days, particularly from the likes of Sony.
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