Found 20th Dec 2017
Has anyone used these guys? Is there a quick an easy way to find out if they're grey imports?
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Yes, ask them via the 'contact us' link. It looks like a grey import site and makes no offer that it isn't.

But a good price is often worth it since UK consumer law protects you between £100 and £30,000 so long as you purchase the goods on credit card. The CC provider is equally liable.…act
it is, I use hdew , grey but delivered from uk and very reliable
According to website registered 22/6/17 and the address matches that clearly shown on the website. However website shows in t&c’s ‘Changes to these terms These terms were last changed on 5th July 2016.’
the website does state all goods come with 12 months manufacturers guarantee however how true that is I don’t know
Thanks all, think i'm just going to pay more and and buy from John Lewis or similar, would rather have peace of mind with a guarantee (which invariably will never be used!)
I can recommend panamoz . com for grey imports.
You get 3 years UK warranty, which is more than some UK retailers offer.
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