Cameras: Fujifilm Finepix A150 VERSUS Olympus FE-170

    Hi guys..

    Well i'm going on holiday soon and have decided that i might as well take one of these two (which are just sitting around) rather than using my crappy camera phone :P

    i assumed the olympus would be better because its 6 megapixel while the fujifilm is 5.1 megapixel, so i took some test shots and transferred em to the pc but the fujifilm ones appear to be clearer..

    perhaps i have to adjust the settings for the olympus? i have no idea to be honest, so come on u snappers gimme some advice here..which one shall i take with me

    (the fuji pic dimensions are 2592 x 1944; olympus: 2816 x 2112)


    When I was reading massive reviews I would not bother with the Olympus unless it was a DSLR and not a point and shoot. I believe the reaction time is slow so if there is something you need to snap in a hurry, the Olympus will have you waiting a little longer. The pixels don't really mean anything either although nice to have. Unless you are going to print out poster sized prints, it doesn't matter.

    Just stuff I have picked up while reading reviews, not my actual findings although I had an Olympus a few years back and it did take a while between shots.


    Well obviously you would think the olympus, but if the photo's are appearing clearer with the fujifilm then take that. btw my camera on my phone is 8.0 Mega pixel =D

    oh and were are you going, anywhere nice?

    I am a X fan of the camera on a mobile phone but have since learned that an 8mp on a phone does not mean the quality of an 8mp of a camera. The processing of the image might not be great seeing as the mobile is using its processing power for other functions at the same time, keeping hold of a signal I should imagine takes alot.

    Original Poster

    aw cheers guys i appreciate it..ive decided that it only makes sense for me to take the fujifilm maybe one day i'll get a better camera..but right now id rather have more holiday money

    i have a 5mp camera on my fone which takes great pics but verrryy slowww...

    oh and im going to malta
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