Posted 7th Feb 2023
I am looking to replace Yi cameras when they stop working, or sooner if there’s a good deal. I currently have 3 indoor ones, facing outside with the IR light covered up, and an outdoor one.

Ideally, I’d like 3 or 4 indoor ones, to face outside from a window, and 2 outdoor ones. One of the outdoor ones is for watching garden birds, but not necessarily close up, just to see them feeding or let me know they’re there.

Good value, as I’m not relying on them for security
Accessible via a laptop and phone
Ability to download footage to laptop or phone if possible
I don’t want Cloud storage and currently using SD cards

I have no idea which features I should be looking for or avoiding so any advice would be appreciated. I bought the Yi cameras based on comments made on HUKD.

Thanks for any advice.
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    Are you expecting the current Yi cams to randomly break soon,
    or has there been some recent operator statement about end-of-life or similar that I have missed?
    I've already had one fail on me.

    I haven't been watching closely, but have seen comments on here and on the app reviews from people saying they had lost functionality after updates, such as no longer being able to view 6 second clips. People felt they were being forced into the Cloud subscription, otherwise the cameras were useless.
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    Possibly the closest you will find to Yi but with additional and beneficial features will be Blurams models.
    I assume
    I don’t want Cloud storage
    likely means
    I prefer not to have Cloud storage but will use it if it is permanently zero cost
    in which case example indoor pan+tilt sub-£19 FBA has freebie 15seconds movement-triggered footage uploaded to UK cloud for rolling week and optional microSD footage,
    IR can be turned off to avoid that "cover LED when looking through window" rubbish,
    status LED can also be turned off
    mobile app plus web browser access (not quite the same as Yi as Yi's web access is via dedicated desktop app).…SV/

    Outdoor wired model is about £42,
    outdoor wirefree model with spotlight / colour nightvision (but no microSD) is about £58.
    I assume
    I don’t want Cloud storage
    likely means
    I prefer not to have Cloud storage but will use it if it is permanently zero cost

    You assume wrongly. I choose not to use Cloud storage even when it's available FOC.

    Thanks for that. I'd never heard of Blurams. I had a good look and also liked their outdoor camera. However, I'm wondering why there are only 40 ratings in almost 2 years and only 4 in the past 6 months. Should that be a red flag?
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    Interesting topic, my yii camera brought from 2020 still working and no issues. Everything updated, motion detection only went down 3 seconds....
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