Cammy Camera - Password Issues, Help?

Found 31st Dec 2016
Anyone here familiar with Cammy Security Cameras? We have two, but we want to log in with different software to view them. The settings in the iOS app indicate the camera credentials, but no software accepts these as correct. Reset the cameras, to no avail.

Cammy themselves are reluctant to disclose any passwords or support any software other than their own so I need help?!
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Setting up you Cammy camera is simple. Just follow the guide below and you will be up and running in no time!

Before you start the setup process please make sure you have the following:
Download the Cammy App for iPhone or Android phone.
You will need your email address and password that you used to create your Cammy account.
Make sure you have the name of your wifi and the correct password for that wifi.
Make sure your phone is connected to the wifi signal that you will be using to set up your Cammy camera. You will need to have your phone connected to the wifi that comes from the same router/modem that you will be connecting your Cammy camera to during the set up process.
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