Camper van insurance - for an 18 year old

    I am looking for insurance on a VW camper van t25.
    Now the problem is that i am 18. And all the insurers i have found so far require you to be 21 plus.

    Now i dont need insurance for the whole year, so if you can find insurance for a few weeks that would be ideal - however a year is fine.

    Also any loopholes? i heard if i insure my own car i hear i can get cover for driving another car?
    any ideas please HUKDERS



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    alfie73;5098193 Halfway down click on ecar … Halfway down click on ecar insurance they do pay as you go cover. Hope this helps

    says on the sie

    The eCar Short Term Insurance Policy is suitable for:
    - Social,domestic, pleasure and commuting purposes.
    - UK registered vehicles only.
    - Driving in the UK only.
    - Residents of the United Kingdom only.
    - Drivers aged between 25 and 75 years of age who have the owners permission to drive the car.

    thankyou anyway

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    hi, my friend had a camper, no idea what type and she was insured with a company called adrian flux, she says they're not advertised anywhere but are very good

    p.s she is 18

    ]http//ww…uk/ ooh they have a website!

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    WOW thankyou, ill be ringing them tomorrow!
    have some rep!
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