Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone knows any good bargain sites for Camping Goods, things such as:

    Camping Bags
    Cooking Equipment/Cutlery

    Basically, we're going camping soon, all we have now is the Tent after selling all the camping equipment we had with the Caravan.


    asda had some cheap value stuff in just recently. depends what kinda quality you want xx

    try tesco

    Tesco & Asda are really cheap for camping equipment compared to blacks etc.

    [url][/url] bought all my stuff there and they were very helpful with fast delivery..Good Luck

    Poundland sell some stuff too...

    Aldi are selling good gas burning cooker at moment for around £30.....
    Seen it last weekend

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    Thanks so much for your replies so far guys.

    Think a trip around the local supermarkets is in orde



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    That site is amazing, easy links and great prices. Thanks man

    Wilkinson has airbeds really cheap - i've bought loads of camping gear from there for a festival :thumbsup:


    gr8h8meThat site is amazing, easy links and great prices. Thanks man

    If you buy a bit they will give you a discount as well...Thanks for the thanks :thumbsup:

    If you have a Milletts near you, you could get one of their camping brochures and use it as a guide for what you need.

    They also have a sale on at the moment

    Also Argos are selling off some tents and airbeds etc

    Halfords sometimes have good package deals for tents with bags etc.

    There are usually independant camping shops in your area, google, yellow pages.

    There are quite a few round the west midlands for example.

    millets are so damn expensive
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