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Found 20th Jul
We have never been camping but looking at getting a tent and wondered some advise please:-
any easy tent tent to put up and down
peoples experience camping with a 1 year old? How did they sleep
peoples experience camping with a dog?
Thanks in advance
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Probably better off borrowing one first time out and then buy once you get the bug. Bigger the tent the better imo, take upright folding chairs, lights and as much luxury stuff as possible. Make sure you overdo the bedding i.e. blow up, 2 quilts and pillows minimum. The baby will be fine, same as normal. Not had a dog
You can get fairly blarge tents that only use 3 poles to set up, they are normally the easiest, as for the dog no problem as long as he does not like to bark at every noise as the dog will hear your neighbors and their dogs etc.
Find a GoOutdoors and spend a few hours there.

Do get a sewn in ground sheet and buy one with a separate 'porch' area that delineates outside (mess) from inside (clean).

B******s to sleeping bags. We prefer air beds strapped together with an electric underblanket (cold travels up) and a goose down duvet

Forget the gimmicky stoves, wardrobes etc. A £10 gas ring x 2 or 3 is all you need.

Get an electric hook up.
Are you on Facebook? If so check out the family camping group. Loads of helpful people on there, and whatever your situation, they've got an answer / solution for it.

We are camping newbies too - went for the first time a month ago for a weekend, but doing a full week from next Monday. Can't wait to get the car packed, we absolutely loved it!
1st thing is look at the forum on this website.
2nd thing, go and look at the tents, go outdoors is a good starter but try and look at as many as you can.
Air tents are good for simplicity in putting them up but they cost quite a bit more than their poled equivalent. However if you struggle puting up a poled tent it may put you off for good.
Happy camping.
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We got ours off ebay with a load of extra, used once so that alone tells you try to borrow one :-) but it's a tent worth £500 for £50 :-)

A good tip is to look at the size of you car and buy to fit. For example we bought 2 camping chair that took up a lot of room, when they broke we spent a bit more and bought chair that fit in a small bag - we save loads of space. We also use an electric hook-up and an induction hob. We keep everything we need for camping in boxes so we know what we have everytime. All we need to do is fill a box with food and another with clothes and away we go. Keep it neat and simple.
I agree with a sewn in groundsheet. Its much better for dryness inside.

We go camping with our dog and found it relatively easy. We use a groundstake and extendable lead so she only wanders as far as the end of the lead. Only issue is if she gets wet it tends to make your tent smell of wet dog until you air it

We used a starter tent for a year or 2 but found the lack of standing space and interior room restricting. Just bought a new tent and its so much better to get changed standing up and can sit inside when it rains so maybe thats a consideration.
I second the idea of borrowing stuff first time. You might hate it. I love it. Top tip is practise putting the tent up and taking it down in the garden before you go.
Thanks guys, I was looking at deals for basic camping stuff for work purposes as I have few festivals I've got the option of doing security at, what would you recommend for just kipping down in? Dont need to be doing any cooking really as food is provided, maybe a way of making a coffee (I'll need plenty as its usually 12 hour shifts for 4 days). What's opinion on air-beds v canvas camp beds? Would I see much benefit with a larger tent over a smaller 2 man tent? (I have a 2 man tent I can borrow from my oldest that he uses for DofE and cadets, a small hob that screws onto a gas cylinder and we have a canvas camp bed I use in the garden).

Main thing for me is ensuring a good nights kip and I have a back that plays up at times. The money is too good to turn down though, plus get to do some of the festival stuff on my down time. Next one I have coming up is boomtown so got 3 weeks to get prepped. Not too concerned with cost as I can offset some against tax as a business expense due to being classed as self employed.
Self inflating mats and duvets/pillows from our bed at home. Really comfy and my bad back does not flair up. Would agree that separate area from where you sleep is a must and much better if you can stand upright in it.
Advice, not advise

As others have said, 2nd hand is the way to go for your tent. Size wise take off 2 for a more comfortable experience (8 man tent will be better suited for 6, 6 for 4 etc).
Airbeds not framed camping beds IMO and the “rule” is 2x the number of blankets below as on top, but a onesie is fantastic for keeping you warm at night.
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Just read OPs comments about bad back. There’s no way other than take your own bed that your back pain will improve sleeping in a tent. Sorry.
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