camping coleman dual fuel burner


    anyone know the cheapest place to get one of these from they seem to be about £50 everywhere and we need one for this camping season (I know I'm a bit early with the snow n'all but it must be summer soon!)

    This is the one we're after…tml

    It has 2 burners & takes unleaded petrol.

    Thanks for any help,


    there are a few on ebay. like you say get in early before the weather gets better.

    Original Poster

    argh! I don't get these things, I've just been outbid on an ebay one which is now upto £34 2nd hand but with 8.50 p&p thats £42.50 with over an hour left still. Thats silly money as you can buy them new for £50.

    I think I'm gonna give up and stump up the 50 notes next time I see one.


    sometimes its best.
    if you know what you want get it while you can.
    keep the receipt, incase it goes in the sale or on offer, that way you can get a refund, and buy it again at the better deal.

    keep looking. :roll:

    you got nothing to loose.;-)
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