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Posted 27th Jul

I bought a cool box from Go Outdoors. You can plug it into the mains.

The instructions are pretty bad though, so I just wondered if people knew the difference between Max and Eco on these things?

My plan was to have it on max all day (the fan is a bit noisy) and then eco at night, but surely it can't stay very cold on eco?

I'm not clear on the difference or what's advised if anyone can help please?

Thank you.
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Don’t know for sure, but would think that eco at night should be ok as not opened and closed much.
Eco typically means reasonably cooler than ambient.
Max typically means as cold as the equipment can practically/safely induce.
How are you powering it? They soon flatten a car battery.
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yorkie1227/07/2020 20:33

How are you powering it? They soon flatten a car battery.

Mains powered
I have a 24L cool box, 12v and 240.
At nigh turn it off and I put a bag of ice in it for drinks and to keep it cool. As is noisy.
Also have a large igloo ice box. Freeze 2L ice cream tubs of water and 2L coke bottles.
This keeps the box cool / freezing for 5-7 days. You leave the melted water in to keep drinks etc cooler.
The box insulation does most of the work. The little peltier module that your coolbox likely uses will only be providing a few watts of cooling even on Max.

I'd suspect the max setting is there to help cool down stuff quicker and eco will do a reasonable job of maintaining a cool temperature if the box is left closed.
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Get a cheap fridge thermometer.
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