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    I have been looking for a camping fridge. I posted a question the other day about an electric coolbox I had seen in argos, which only had a cigarette lighter connection.

    I want something that will run off of the mains when we go camping and have a cigarette lighter so we can keep it cool in the car. Anyone have any recomendations? Its our first time camping, so dont want to spend too much really. Thanks


    how much is too much?
    I got a Waeco Cooly 32 from] here
    keeps butter / meat / drinks cold when we go camping in summer.

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    how much is too much?I got a Waeco Cooly 32 from] here keeps butter / … how much is too much?I got a Waeco Cooly 32 from] here keeps butter / meat / drinks cool when we go camping.

    About £50 I think please. Did you buy the mains cable separate?

    i paid £150 for my one, but it runs on 12v 240v and gas, i shall look for a web site for you.…rch

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    Thanks ctuk and wickedteen

    might work out cheaper if you buy something like this…nnm and buy a cheap car fridge, but not sure how good they'd be

    Best of all buy a cmping electrical hook up ...]http//sp…870

    This also gives you the flexibility to take a toaster, kettle or a lamp if you like. Try to get a cooler with two imputs, such as this ]http//**…200

    hope this is fo help...anymore i can help with regarding camping, please feel free to ask!

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    Thanks castorboy, I will get electrical hookup but need a cool box that I can plug in, in the tent

    Heard that these fridges are really draining on the car battery if thats how you are planning to run it

    They were doing an Aldi special on the electric/12v coolboxes (works off both power sources) a week ago..may be some left. Coolbox was around 30 quid with a 3 yr guarantee. Good capacity from memory too. You will need the electric hook up which again Aldis had last week for around £20-£30. Ebay or camping accessory shop another option for the hook up. Most good campsite do a a freezerpack service - whenre you can freeze your coolpacks. Worth a call to the campsite.

    the small 12v are fine but not good for lprolonged use only last about 6 months thats why we bought the the bigger better model, you put it on mains the night before you go, then whilst traveling run it on 12v, then when you arrive chuck it on the gas, they are well worth the money


    I bought a mains to 12v adaptor with a cigarette lighter socket on one end for £9.99 from my local caravan shop.
    You can see it on [url][/url]
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