Camping shop between Southampton and Lulworth (Dorset)

Found 14th Jul 2008
A bit of pointless background info - We're off on holiday next weekend (hoorah!) a week in a Gite in Normandy and then a week camping near Lulworth in Dorset. On our return to Blighty (through the tunnel) we'll travel to Southampton and stay in a Premierlodge before travelling to Lulworth on out first proper Camping trip.

The thing is, there are a few bits and pieces that we could do with for the camping and it would be easier to not have to take them with us to France so I wondered if anybody new of a camping shop which wouldn't be too far out of the way for us somewhere between Southampton and Lulworth. We don't need anything too outrageous - a folding table, lantern etc so anywhere (preferably towards the cheaper end of the market) should surfice.

Cheers in advance, Mike73
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Used before and quite good - should be able to accommodate your needs
If it's the cheaper end of the market you are after there are an Argos, Poundstretcher, and Lidl on the outskirts of west Southampton in a small retail park in a small town called Totton, which is not far from the M27 if you are travelling to Dorset by motorway or you will actually go through Totton if doing the scenic route.
If you have items already why not ask membership if you could drop items off befor eheading to France and collect on return. Maybe even loan items if able to return before heading home.
Got back from wimborne, not far from lulworth. and argos are in most towns like poole also, and camping shops., Wareham as a outdoors camp shop too, this is a nice town, go take a look. not far again from where you,re going... we camped in , Merley court... shame this year weather not to good....... hope you do better.. etheir way its a nice location in dorset anyway..martyn
Thanks for the tips everyone - have some rep!

I had thought about Argos, but the new catalogue will be out by the time we're there so I don't know if they'll have as much camping stuff - definitely an option though.

Towstore in Southampton looks good - at least I know they ought to have everything we need (and no doubt lots of things we didn't realise we needed)

It's basically stuff that we don't have yet, so although the idea of leaving it with somebody is a good one, we don't actually have the stuff to leave yet!
Towsure is an Aladins Cave so either stick to exCTLY what you go in for, leave credit card in car or prepare to pick up lots of handy camping gadgetry.

Bon Vacance (sp)
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