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    I've never been camping but our two children are with the cubs and scouts and go on camp trips which they enjoy. So I'm looking to go camping and I would like to hear what to look for when buying a tent for a family of four. I've seen tents in Asda for around £50 - £75 but then I've seen tents for £200+. What is the difference in quality between these types of tents?



    We got ours from millits. A eurohike one i think (its in the loft) it was £100 with all the bits like roll mats and sleeping bags. Also the rooms were either side so you have space for putting other bits in the middle, I will try and find you a pic. Id avoid the ones you see in supermarkets as you get what you pay for!

    Ive just looked on the wedsite and it wasnt there. Try instore but look for the packs where you get all the bits you need. It works out much cheaper. Or if you have a mountain life store check them out too. In my local store they are having a big sale at the moment. Good luck with youre hunt.

    I have asked the same thing on here and got some helpful replies. Just in case our British weather decides rain is in order make sure you get a tent with a HHH of at least 1500 (I'd go for at least 2000 from what most campers who have experienced HEAVY rain have advised!) HHH = Hydrostatic Head Height= waterproofness! Ebay have some good make secondhand tents...I bought a 5 man Lichfield for a tenner last week (although would fit 5 to sleep it would be cramped) Have been recommended to buy a larger berth than you actually have.

    Depending on your budget (and frequency of using a tent) have you thought of hiring one on site? 3 of us stayed in Jersey for a week in an on-site tent and it was fantsastic, I am pretty sure it cost us less than £100 each including boat tickets from Weymouth (and taking a vehicle).

    Just a suggestion

    P.S.- We stayed here:…htm

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    Thanks to all of you that have replied you have provided useful information and links to previous posts that will help me work it out!

    i go on this website for advice u get real reviews on every tent :thumbsup:
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