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Found 21st Jun 2009
We got a tent today from argos, pic below. However I am a bit concerned having never had a tent before. The ground sheet in the living area is detachable. In the bedroom there is an inner tent with a ground sheet. I would have thought that the bottom part of the tent (tent not liner) in the bedroom area would have touched the floor but it doesnt and it is a little bit off the ground. It was a cheap tent, we were looking at some which were double the price. However, this seemed to have everything we wanted and it has good reviews on argos website. Im just worried that the inner bedroom area is not part of the tent itself. There is a plastic bit at the bottom of the inner tent which should make sure water does not get in. I would have just thought that the tent itself would have touched the ground and not be slightly above it, hence the gap between the inner tent and the outer tent (where I am worried water could get in). I thought that tents had the inner lining of the bedroom part properly attached (ie part of the tent itself and not detachable) and that there would be no way water could get in.

Me, a friend and my daughter will all be going away in a few weeks in it. I dont want any of us to get wet if it rains!!! Now I am thinking should we take it back because of the inner bedroom lining or are all tents like this? Should I take it back and get a more expensive one?
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I read the first line of your thread, then noticed your avi and that was that.
Choose the flatist bit of ground when you put the tent up and the flysheet will provide the need protection, as the inner tent / bedroom will have asides which go up 3 / 4 inches, so you won't get water in to the bed area.


It rains a lot!!!!! Or the ground you are on is so hard that the water does not soak in.

Enjoy yourself!


We found the same but when there are things in the inner tent the weight makes the bottom reach the floor try putting sleeping bags in and lying in it then you will probably see the difference
Thanks John and Jeany. Im a novice in camping!!!
If it rains heavily, you'll get wet whatever tent you have. Pneumonia is all part of the fun of camping.
It's usual for the outer not to reach the ground, and not just in cheaper tents but in most tents now. The reason for it is so that air is 'sucked' up through the gap at the bottom and into the gap between the outer & inner. This helps cut down on condensation and gets fresh air circulating.

It doesn't affect the waterproof-ness of the tent, as the water will miss the inner as it drips off the bottom edge of the outer (assuming that you've put the tent up properly:-D).
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