Camputer Language (GHz, MHz FSB, MB Cache)

Close to buying a Laptop & I now know about RAM & the Hard drive & what to look for in those but some things are confusing me.

For example...

(2.0 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB Cache)

.....I have seen lots of values for each of these but have no idea what they mean. I guess the higher it is the better it is but do they make much difference?

Would 533 MHz FSB change much if I had 1600 MHz FSB which is on another Laptop that I am looking at?

Or would it perform much different if it had 1.5 GHz instead of the 2.0 GHz which is on the above machine?

Would 2MB Cache be worth spending more money for rather than a 1MB Cache?

Any help would be appreciated as I dont have a clue at all about them.



the higher the FSB the wider the motorway as it were, e.g. more data traffic

more cache is always preferable

I believe acer are still fitting the Core 2 Duo T7300 to laptops, this is the one to look out for, also dell do a few with the newre T8000 and T9000 series CPUs which are nice and fast and more future proof

more info here, scroll halfway down until you get to mobile processors:…ors

Mobile CPU charts to compare speed:…tml

GHZ is Processor speed Bigger the better
FSB is Front Side Bus once again bigger the better
MB is obviously mega bytes and in terms of cache once again bigger is better.

To explain all these in detail would take forever and probably confuse you even more. ;-)

What are you looking for (gaming or just web browsing and e-mails) and how much do you want to spend?

If you give us some examples of machines your eyeing up we can probably advise a bit better :thumbsup:

If the CPU architecture, FSB and cache are the same size then the processor scaling is relatively linear with clock-speed ie a 2GHz CPU will perform CPU-intensive tasks up to 33% faster than the 1.5GHz CPU.

The problem comes when comparing CPU architectures - Core 2 are the best, substantially faster per clock that Core, Turion and Celeron. Get a Core 2 duo if you can, with as much clock speed and cache as you can afford, but for most day to day tasks you wouldn't notice much difference between a 1.5GHz CPU and a 2GHz CPU.

Best bet is to try to find a good balance between CPU speed, memory size and hard drive space on a platform you like...

Original Poster

Thanks alot for the replies, I think I understand what you are on about, still a bit technical but I get the jist of it.

I would prefer to spend less if possible, £350 at around the most. I can get Office for Free now but would still like to try & keep the bedget at about this or lower as I still need a router & some bits.

These are 3 I have looked at today on the internet, the first seems the best although I would prefere one with an integrated webcam if possible.…ull…ull…ull…bsd

Upgrade to the 1.8ghz C2D and the belkin 4 socket suregmaster for £351 delivered plus 15 quidco.

You may only get 1GB RAM but you get a webcam, decent graphics, and a 9 cell battery.

The warranty is also next business day on site,

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Would 1GB RAM be OK with Vista though as most people say you need at least 2GB.



Would 1GB RAM be OK with Vista though as most people say you need at … Would 1GB RAM be OK with Vista though as most people say you need at least 2GB.James

If it's "home basic" then 512MB is the minimum required memory.

If it's vista "home premium" or above then it's 1GB minimum required memory.

Obviously, the more memory it has above this the smoother it'll run.

The 'Vista experience' is definitely smoother with 2GB, particularly if you are used to multitasking and have many browser tabs/windows open at once. It will run fine off 1GB but tends to page (use the hard disc as 'virtual' memory) quite a lot when lots of stuff is open...

As before its all about balance - I'd rather be working on a system with a 1.8GHz CPU and 2GB of ram than a 2.0GHz CPU but only 1GB of ram.
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