Can a 3 mobile sim work in a orange locked mobile?

Found 26th Dec 2008
As 3 mobile fallback to orange as 2G network in case 3G is not available, it could be that 3 sim can work in a mobile which is locked to Orange?

Has anybody tried this? If yes, pls post your findings..
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95% positive that it can't.

Just get your locked Orange unlocked. Most can be done quite simply currently have 'Berlin' 3G handset in less than £30. I guess this is cheapest available 3G phone. Must be locked as its orange branded.
No, the network code isn't the same. Orange is only used as a fall back when 3's 3G service isn't in range.
Also, 3 have just started to block none 3g phones from working on their network,as the Orange service is meant for time when 3's own service isn't giving coverage. . .
lol, just because the sim may use the same network when there is no 3G coverage doesnt mean it will accept the sim at all... You will need a 3G compatible unlocked handset to work with Three and even then if Three dont like it they can and probably will turn off the sim and tell you off for using "unauthorised devices" with their sim
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