Can a cat have a double pregnancy?

Found 9th Jul 2008
Im sure I read somewhere that it is possible for a cat to be pregnant with a second lot of kittens while already pregnant with the first lot. Kitty gave birth 5 weeks ago but is still eating for england although they are eating some solids now and still quite chunky around the midrift - so much so that the neighbour thinks shes pregnant
Can this be right? I did google it but couldnt find the answers so thought you lot might be better than google
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they are only pregnant for nine weeks and can get pregnant pretty quick cat had another litter 10 weeks after the no not a double but just a quick second one.
I cant imagine it being true but yes agree wth wendyak thet can get pregnant near enough straight away - poor things!!
Must be hard!
A cat can have anything it damn well likes.......
Maybe you should get her spayed. there are too many cats in rescue centres as it is and increasing the cat population just means they stay there which is a great shame.
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