Can a company refuse the sale even if they dont have it in the T&C?

    We have all seen the small print..."this is only a binding contract once we take your money"...or "we send a confirmation email" .. or .. "we dispatch the goods" etc.
    But what happens if the supplier doesnt have this clause?
    I bought car hire 2days ago at a really good price, and I scoured the conditions as I didnt want to find I wasnt covered comprehensively etc.
    No mention of them cancelling, only of myself the purchaser cancelling. When I bought the service the message said "an email with your booking details will follow shortly", but it never did. Just found an answerphone message saying they would like to speak to I am guessing they may want to cancel it.

    Do they have the right to?


    in short yes

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    Are you sure?? The below link suggests that they are bound unless they have put the clause in..…429

    Curiously..the site has a sister site (both admin run on same phoneline) which has this disclaimer..but the 1 I uses does not (didnt know about the other site at the time)

    unfortunately i have seen this covered quite a bit recently, and it would appear they can,, the contract to purchase is clearly defined by three events
    1 Invite to treat (advertised price and service)
    2 offer, (your booking)
    3 acceptance, including automated response

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    So the above information on that webpage is incorrect then?


    So the above information on that webpage is incorrect then?

    well its like most law in the uk, its not as much as what is written but also what is not written,
    if u read more on that page then you can see that the t&c items are only required to prevent them being tied in when using automated responses.
    The key here would have been if u had received a response confirming order and stating a delivery date or such, that would have fulfilled item 3 on my list, without that...
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