Can a Dell monitor with a DVI Input recieve a Freeview TV input?

    Ive been given a fairly new Dell monitor and its got a DVI Input - I notice you can get HDMI-DVI cables, could I plug in my Freeview box thats got a HDMI output? Would anything else plug into DVI, like a Scart, Component, S-VHS etc? Thanks for any guidance


    Yep - you can plug your HDMI freeview box into your monitor, but you'll need to use a seperate cable to get any sound out of it. It's because HDMI and DVI are the same technology, except HDMI carries sound, and has a different connector.

    SCART and all the rest though, that's all very different technology. It's all analogue TV formats, and unless your monitor has the inputs, it won't work.

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    Thanks chief, yeah no worries taking the sound out to a little surround amp so that should be perfick! Many thanks
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