Can a Fortnight Vbucks card be NOT activated?

Posted 19th Apr 2022
Hi all

I bought a young child a gift card in-store from Game for some Fortnite Vbucks. He plays on the Nintendo switch, and apparently the child can't get it to redeem. Apparently you can't do it on the console, but the child tells me they tried to do it online on the website and still the same.

We still have the receipt from Game. Is there a possibility that the card has indeed not been activated? Perhaps the staff member at game made a mistake, and didn't activate it? Is there a way of checking?

I'm not sure if the kid is trying to pull one and get another Vbucks card off me. Would appreciate any advice.
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    AFAIK. As soon as the gift card is scanned at the till and paid for it becomes active, so the only way it isn't is if you stole the gift card which you obviously didn't. You don't sound like you know this child very well if at all so maybe they're trying to fleece you? Can you speak with the kids family or anything?
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    This link might be helpful…694

    I have redeemed v-bucks via a gift card for the Switch but unfortunately it was quite some time ago so can’t remember the exact process but we didn’t have any issues when we done it
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    I think problem might be because you have a Nintendo account but not an epic account and need to link them

    My son played it on pc but his friends on consoles had all kinds of trouble when moving from switch to playstation or Xbox and losing their stuff as bought it on Nintendo account and not epic account.

    Wasn't sure if they managed to fix it by linking

    Also cards are scratch cards I think? So cannot be used or activated in the shop as need to be scratched off. I might be wrong there but how it has been for gift cards my son has received before. (edited)
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    I literally had this happen to me that’s why I’m here so yeah it’s possible but unlike you I threw my receipt up cause I didn’t think the store could be so stupid 😪
    Hey, it's been a while since this. In the end, after speaking to the kid, I believe he tried to pull a fast one on me (but failed)
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