can a home carer countersign a passport ?

Posted 17th Apr 2015
my wife's father n law has asked her to sign for his passport. she works as a home carer for our local council. I have read the list and can't see her job on the list. I'm pretty sure she can't sign it can anyone help out with some info please.

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"my wife's father n law"

So your dad then?

"my wife's father n law"So your dad then?

Yes I was thinking the same, unless he means a father in law from his wife's previous marriage maybe?
No, she isn't eligible to countersign unless she has an actual professional qualification. Passport countersignatories
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and cant sign anyway if family

"my wife's father n law"So your dad then?

what a tool its my wifes step dad . what on earth was i typing lol.
Ha! It's been a long week
No, but a qualified nurse can. Need an NMC number. A GP can, but they will probably charge you.
Ask your local councillor? They do it for free, and normally bend over backwards to help (ours are fab anyroad..)
Haha this guy is funny.
ask teacher, your neighbourhood residents may be professional so ask them too
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