Can a landline be connected to a 4g LTE SIM router?

Posted 14th Jul 2019
Hi all,
I am fed up with my terrible intermittent landline connection (2Mb/s on and off) and today decided to order the Three 2-year unlimited data SIM which also has texts and minutes with the intention to not renew my broadband which is soon to be out of contract.
This probably works out cheaper than my current package considering £11 for the first 6 months, £22 thereafter and £60 back through Topcashback.

My question is can a landline be used with a 4g router (to make use of the calls) or is this beyond the realms of a normal person without putting the SIM into a mobile.

I had intended to get a 4g LTE router such as he TP-link archer MR600 which despite being dear seems to offer good speed and reception (external aerial potential) according to reviews.

Any advice, recommendations and opinions would be great as my knowledge of newfangled technology isn't great.

Thanks in advance, Maggy.
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