Can a retailer stop a refund back to a card?

Found 17th Jan

Quick question if a retailer sends a refund back to a debit or credit card which takes the usual 3-5 working days, can the company put a stop on it once they have authorised the refund to take place?

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I believe that they can in some circumstances.
It may help if you explain the specifics - have you been refunded in error?
What is the purpose of the refund, have you requested a refund or is it a refund made in error? I would wait a few days and if the refund transaction never appears in the pending transactions, or never moves from pending to cleared, you could dispute the original charge with the credit card bank. Your return receipt is proof that you returned the item.

If you see the return transaction, but the store has put a new charge on your card, charging you for the jacket a second time, dispute that new charge as soon as it becomes a cleared transaction as then they have charge your card without your permission.
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On the card machine i use we cant reserve the refund once it has been actioned. If the refund was done in error we would need to re charge the customer and we can only do this if we have all the details of the card and the cvc number
Why would a retailer want to stop a refund? The only time they would normally try to stop a refund is if they realise that you have only returned part of the order or product, so for example you return a game console but decide to keep the included games or the 2nd controller. If the item is complete and undamaged they have no right to stop the agreed refund.
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