Can a wireless router be used with any IP?

    AOL sent me a Thomson Speedtouch Wireless Router as part of my package. However, I've already got a router and don't really need it. What I'd like to know is could someone else use this with another IP or is it fixed to AOL?

    I'm unsure because on the box it says "insert the AOL CD". Does this mean it will appempt to load AOL? Or, is it just router stuff on the CD? I've not opened the packaging, so I've not tried anything with the CD.

    Help appreciated.


    The speedtouch ones can be used for any ISP, and are pretty good i used a AOL one with my Plusnet account before moving to O2.

    The CD never really does anything, its just a quick install for people or are not to savvy on thier PC's

    With Windows XP - you would just plug in the router, connect via a cable, enable wireless if not already enabled, and enable DHCP if not already enabled.
    put in your username and password from your ISP then connect it to your phone line.

    then just connect your LAptop / PC to the wireless and enter the WEP key that is on the router.

    Are you selling it ??
    It's just I know 2 people who are after new modem/routers for there broadband connection . One's with TalkTalk and wants to go wireless and the other's with Force9 using a BT105 and keeps getting a dropped connection. Just thought I'd ask

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    Hi ricko, yes, I had intended on selling it. Though, because everyone on here is super frugal (just ike me), I intend on selling it on ebay.
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