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Can an 11 year old get into a Bring Me The Horizon concert STANDING area?

Posted 23rd Mar 2014
Okay so my little cousin is 11 and is going to be 12 when we go to the concert but we accidentally got the Standing Area tickets for a Bring Me The Horizon concert which is a 14+ area. She kind of looks 14 and is quite mature so I think she could get in but I'm not too sure.

Would she get ID'd or something like that? I don't think they would ID her if I'm honest but just to make sure I would love it if you could answer my question!

Okay so the real question is: Would my 11 (almost 12) year old cousin get into a Bring Me The Horizon concert in the standing area which is a 14+ area? (: Thanks everyone
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The real question should be why would you want a 12 year old to see them at all?
Honestly, you're taking your chances there. One guard has even the slightest inkling and you've no chance.

14 would still be pretty young to be in the standing area imo, the rules of the pits have long since fallen to the wayside so it isn't particularly safe.

I'd suggest finding someone with seating tickets on their forum or fanpage to swap with, because should they check (and they can be pretty hardcore when minors are allowed) they not only have the right but the responsibility to refuse your cousins admission. It costs a lot for them to get insurance and they have to follow the rules.

Good luck whatever you decide, just maybe make sure you have a back up plan for the night in case they refuse admission.
She'd probably get in if she was going with someone of age, seeing as it's not over 18 I doubt they wouldn't let you in. That being said, the standing area of a bring me the horizon gig probably isn't the best place for a 12 year old, would recommend standing at the back or the sides.

Oh and earplugs, they play loud
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Depends on how good the staff are on the night. This is the type of environment I work in and we would never let someone of that age into the standing area especially for a heavier gig like BMTH. I would advise you to try and arrange a swap, either through the venue/ticket agency or gumtree etc, for your tickets as thats really not the type of crowd you want to be standing in at that age.
Also, you'll probably find that although its 14+, under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult (someone over 18/21 depending on venue with valid ID). It will say that on the ticket if its the case.
They aren't exactly gonna ask for a driving licence are they?? What ID can a 14 year old have?? She'll be fine!

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